Mirrored Master Bath

Reflections published by K+BB (Kitchen and Bath Business) Digital Edition features a glamorous master bath designed for one of my clients. Read the full story at:

http://www.kbbonline.com/kbb/projects/Reflections-4596.shtml                                                                                                                                                                     The title Reflections comes from this beautiful master bath having a wealth of reflective surfaces including a mirrored vanity, a hand made textured glass counter top, hand blown glass sinks, a mirrored and marble backsplash, a white glass slab tub deck and a luxurious marble floor with a featured stone and marble mosaic design.

Morgan MBth VanityI love exploring new materials and using specialty handmade products to create a truly custom look for my clients. I am very fortunate to have great clients with amazing taste. This was a exciting project to design and the result “reflects” the sophisticated taste of my client!

Enjoy the story and see more pictures at: