Livable Style

Livable Style

Style and comfort never have to be at odds. My goal is always to create not just beautiful, but livable, interiors.

I love formal elegance, and many times a room will call for a formal look. However, increasingly my clients are requesting a casual elegant look throughout their homes.

Of course, “casual elegance” is a trendy word in today’s design vernacular, but to me it has serious meaning – that comfort does not have to be at the expense of beauty!

I love these photos of one client’s family room – the essence of a livable interior! No style has been sacrificed to make this room inviting to all.

Style Blog 2

Style Blog 2 2Beyond the basics of creating the proper furniture plan to fit my client’s lifestyle, here are the 3 essentials I always consider when creating a beautiful and livable room: flooring, furniture covers, and lighting.

  • Flooring – the 100% wool carpet in a two tone taupe color with a basket weave pattern does the trick. It anchors the room, is very forgiving and easy to maintain.
  • Furniture covers – the wonderful red leather on the sofas is not only a dramatic color, but comfortable, wear resistant and easy to clean. The luxury wrinkles developed over time add to the inviting look. The ottoman in a durable and fun alligator leather will withstand the test of time while adding pizazz to the room.
  • Lighting – the brass lighthouse lamp and floor spotlight add fun accents, while providing the essential reading and playing atmosphere. Highlighting a commissioned work of art adds a touch of elegance. The lighting makes this room come alive and invites you in.